Payroll Software Designed For Childcare Centers

PayWow helps you to automate your payroll
process and ensure your center is secure and compliant with state standards so that you can focus on your classroom!

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Childcare Centers Payroll Software

Complete Payroll Solution for Childcare

As a complete payroll solution, PayWow will ensure your business is tax compliant, so you don’t have to!

Payroll Setup

Guarantee accuracy of W-2, 1099 and new hire filing. You can also save time with Pay Wow's employee self-onboarding feature.

Efficient Payroll

PayWow will ensure your business can
run payroll, pay employees, and provide professional pay stubs quickly and easily with
accurate calculations.

Streamlined E-filing

PayWow ensures tax compliance by e-filing Federal and State tax forms and making tax deposits on time, every time.

Digital Time Tracking

Managers can easily track employee work hours, breaks, and time-off requests with PayWow’s integrated time clock.

Employee Access

Each employee can manage their time-clock summaries for the day, week, or pay period.

Time Clock Summary

Enjoy the convenience of seeing all your employees’ hours totaled in one location.

Manage Time and Attendance Remotely

Easily track your employees’ time and attendance through your PayWow account. Employees/contractors can use PayWow’s mobile app with geofencing to clock
in/out of a shift.

Annual Year-End Filing

When the tax year comes to an end, Federal and State filing requirements come due. Once again, PayWow steps in to generate and file the necessary forms on your behalf on time. Also, provide you the access in tracking the status of each filing!

Time Clock

The time tools you need are accessible through both the web and our mobile app, myPayWow.

Simple, Transparent and Competitively Priced

A Professional Product At The Lowest Rate

Complete Payroll

Payroll for both Employees and Contractors

$4 per employee/contractor

Contractor Payroll

Exclusively for paying Contractors




$1.49 per direct deposit

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