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Contractors, paid in full.

Paying contractors has never been this simple...or fast! Focus on your business goals. Like opening another location… Tahiti.

Pay Independent Contractors Online with PayWow

Pay Contractors Online - Quick and Easy

PayWow is a payroll solution that caters to businesses that use contractors. Intuitive and quick, PayWow is simple to use. Onboard and pay
unlimited contractors, frustration-free.

Pay Contractors Online & Manage 1099 Filings

With PayWow, you can easily onboard, pay and file 1099s for your contractors. Experience paying your contractors with just a few clicks. And hey - your 1099 is completed, automatically. What? You thought this would be a problem? No, way. We’ve got you.

  • Easily set up your account.
  • Verify your banking information.
  • Tell us who you owe, what you owe, and we’ll take care of it!
  • Generate and file 1099’s automatically.

Pay fast, pay all at once. Direct deposit or check, you decide.

Set it up, then quickly make direct deposit payments to your contractors. Or, if you wish, you can also pay by check. Either way, PayWow makes it easy!

  • Add your bank account to make direct deposits - the fastest option.
  • Provide paperless pay stubs to contractors.
  • Generate and print a payment statement for your contractors.

Track your contractors through our dashboard.

Need to know where your contractors are and what they’re doing? We can tell you. PayWow’s cutting edge technology keeps you on top of every aspect of your business. Allow contractors to work independently, but keep tabs so that you get the result you want, when you want it.

  • Allow contractors to record their work hours.
  • Track and manage contractor hours through PayWow’s secure dashboard.
  • Integrate time & attendance data when you pay your contractors.

Access the information you need.

With PayWow, all your stats are recorded and can be produced as comprehensive, easy-to-read reports. Recorded work hours, payroll details, weekly/monthly summaries - you tell PayWow how you want the information, and PayWow delivers. You’re in charge!

  • Get payment reports per contractor.
  • Know where you are with 1099s.
  • View summaries for a week, month or pay period.

Prompt and accurate 1099 filings.

Give us some basic information, and PayWow can automatically generate and file your 1099’s at the end of the year. Plus, we give you access to the copies.

  • Allow your contractors to provide their 1099 information through myPayWow.
  • 1099’s are automatically generated and sent to the IRS - e-file or post.
  • Print a copy and keep it for your records.

myPayWow lets contractors put in time - literally!

PayWow gives you a way to let your contractors help you, hassle-free! With myPayWow, the app designed for your contractors, anyone who does any kind of work for you can now also help you take care of those pesky details that come along with hiring them. You know, like collecting their banking information, filling out 1099s, and more!

Invite contractors to myPayWow.

Setting up myPayWow for your contractors only takes a few steps:

  • Follow prompts within PayWow to invite contractors via email.
  • Contractors will receive your invitation via PayWow.
  • Once they accept the invite, access will be granted, and they can take it from there!
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Invite contractors to myPayWow.
Get accurate information.

Get accurate information.

Once the contractor logs in to myPayWow, they can begin adding some basic information. Allowing them to fill this out themselves saves you tons of time, and increases accuracy. Once done, you can review and confirm.

Allow contractors to:

  • Enter accurate contact, banking and 1099 information.
  • Choose their preferred payment method (Check/Direct Deposit).
  • E-sign important tax document(s).
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Easily track progress.

Increase productivity with myPayWow! When contractors log their work hours through myPayWow, you can keep on top of how things are progressing! Know when breaks are happening, and for how long. Know when and where your contractors are working.

  • Ensure accuracy with location-based clock-in/out.
  • Track and manage contractor hours.
  • Integrate data when you pay contractors.
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Easily track progress.

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