Payroll Software Designed With Small Business In Mind

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You Know Your Business, Now Run Your Payroll Online

Meet the payroll needs of your small business with a product specialized for single-digit employers. Our payroll solution saves you time with automatic calculations that makes running payroll quick and easy. We do the math so you can get back to work.

Initial Payroll Setup

Like most small businesses, you may not have an HR or accounting department to handle your payroll. PayWow takes away this burden by providing you a simplified payroll setup process unique to your payroll needs. You can begin running your payroll by just setting up some basic information.

  • Set up your company details (work location & signatory).
  • Set up your pay schedule & payday.
  • Add your federal/state Information.
  • Add bank account information.
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Add Employees

As a small business owner, you need your employees to lighten the burden of doing everything yourself. PayWow provides employees access to an employee portal where they can add their basic information required to run your payroll. You can also add this information manually if needed.

  • Add employees’ compensation details & assign job roles.
  • Assign multiple job roles to a single employee if needed and determine if the employee will receive tips or not.
  • Invite employees to employee portal to set up their basic information (withholding allowance, preferred payment method & bank account details).
  • Employees can also e-Sign the required employment documents (Form I-9, Form W-4, and direct deposit authorization) through the employee portal.
  • Notify PayWow about your new hire while adding the employee, and we will take care of your new hire reporting!
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Track Time & Attendance

Tracking employees' time and attendance is essential when it comes to payroll. Payroll calculation is dependent on time off and time worked. That’s a lot of sensitive information to juggle! Use PayWow’s time-saving attendance tracker to make everything simpler.

  • Employees can log their working hours & request time off through the myPayWow employee portal.
  • You can manage and track employees working hours, & time off request easily from your dashboard.
  • Their hours worked and time-off requests can be easily integrated into our payroll system.
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Run Payroll

Save your money. Become a payroll expert overnight when you run your payroll with PayWow! All your tricky calculations are handled automatically, so you don’t have to depend on or pay someone else. From minimum wage and tip adjustments to a friendly holiday bonus, PayWow’s automatic calculations help you easily adjust payroll needs for each of your employees.

  • Get notifications about your deadline to run payroll.
  • Manage any additional earnings and deductions.
  • Easily assign multiple job roles to employees, set compensation, and determine if they receive tips. All tips can be reviewed in the “Report” section.
  • Employee Gross Up Bonus Calculator is included.
  • Supplemental wage calculations are calculated.
  • Payroll calculations for employees with multiple job roles will automatically account for the pay rate difference in those roles.
  • You can run multiple payroll cycles (regular/contractor/bonus/off-cycle).
  • Run payroll in just a few clicks!
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Pay Employees and Provide Paystubs

Never worry about the wages paid to your employees. As a part of PayWow's tax compliance service, we will process the required payroll amount from your bank account to pay employee wages and both state and federal taxes once you run your payroll. The payments will be made on time and you will get notified instantly.

  • Wages will be paid on time to your employees’ bank accounts.
  • Employees will have access to their paystub through myPayWow.
  • PayWow will take care of all your tax payments.
  • All the payments are processed through secure ACH Processing.
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Easily Manage Benefits with PayWow

With employers required to provide certain benefits to employees under federal law, PayWow supplies employers with a list of required benefits (i.e. medical insurance, etc.), along with other benefits that can be offered.

How PayWow’s Benefits Management Helps Employers:

  • PayWow allows an employer to manage a variety of benefits, including medical insurance, health savings account, flexible spending account - Medical, 401(k), Roth - 401(k) and Simple IRA for employees.
  • Employers can add and manage comprehensive benefit programs specific to their business for employees with great flexibility.
  • Depending on the employee’s benefit plan, employers can set the appropriate employer & employee contribution.
  • Generated pay stubs will include the employee’s enrolled benefit plan along with employee deduction.

Everything You Need To Run Your Small Business

Tax Compliance

PayWow will save time and take control of your tax compliance requirements by automatically depositing and filing taxes. We ensure all of your compliance needs are met correctly and on time so you never miss a deadline.

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Time & Attendance

Your time is valuable and should be used wisely. Never spend hours going through time sheets or vacation requests again. PayWow helps you accurately track and manage employee hours and time-off requests online.

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Eliminate the burden of handling every aspect of your employee’s payroll setup using myPayWow. Employers can invite employees to access the myPayWow to conveniently add and manage basic employee information, view pay stubs, and more.