Integrated Payroll Tax Compliance Software

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Simplified Tax Compliance For Your Small Business

Let tax deposits & tax filings be the least of your worries while running your small business. As an all-in-one solution, PayWow manages all the complexities of running your business payroll tax compliance so you don’t have to.

New Hire Reporting

Hiring a new employee or contractor? Don't worry! PayWow will take care of your new hire reporting and file the required documents on time to the proper state agencies for all your newly hired or rehired employees.

  • Get notifications about your new hire while adding employee/contractor to PayWow.
  • PayWow receives your request, then processes and files the new hire reporting.
  • Keep track of your new hire reporting and get notified about the status.
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Federal/ State Withholding & FICA Deposits

Payroll is not only about the paystubs. It also contains the complexities of making accurate payments and calculating required taxes. With PayWow by your side, you don't have to worry about these mandated tax payments; we take care of everything:

  • Automatic payroll tax calculations
  • Federal income tax withholdings (along with the mandate FICA taxes) and the state income tax withholdings.
  • On-time federal & state tax payments.
  • On-time FICA tax deposits (Social Security Tax & Medicare Tax).
  • Payments through Secured ACH Processing.
  • You’ll get instant notifications on tax payments.
  • You have access to generate reports on various tax payments.
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Quarterly FUTA/SUTA Tax Deposits

Every employer is mandated to contribute certain amount for both the federal/state Unemployment Tax Act. These taxes have to be deposited to the respective agencies on quarterly basis. PayWow automatically takes care of these tax requirements and helps you focus on your business.

  • Automatic FUTA & SUTA tax calculations.
  • On-time FUTA & SUTA tax deposits at no extra cost.
  • Get notified about these tax deposits.
  • Generate reports regarding the FUTA & SUTA tax deposits.
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Quarterly Federal/State Filings

Even after all the withholdings and the payments are squared away, employers have to meet certain quarterly filing requirements as mandated by both the federal and state agencies. With PayWow by your side you never need to worry about these quarterly filings. We take care of it and file on your behalf.

  • PayWow will generate & e-file your Federal Form 941 each quarter.
  • The required quarterly state forms will be filed on time.
  • You can keep track of every form filed and its status.
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Annual Year-End Filing

When the tax year comes to an end, there are certain filing requirements that await. There are various annual year-end tax forms the employer needs to report to both the federal and state agencies. All these forms will be generated by PayWow and filed on time and on your behalf.

  • PayWow will generate and e-file FUTA Tax Form 940.
  • PayWow will generate and e-file W-2 & 1099 forms to both federal and state governments.
  • PayWow will file the required state reconciliation forms.
  • You can always have access to these forms and can track their status.
  • Your employees can have their W-2 & 1099 copies accessible through myPayWow.
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Easily Manage Benefits with PayWow

With employers required to provide certain benefits to employees under federal law, PayWow supplies employers with a list of required benefits (i.e. medical insurance, etc.), along with other benefits that can be offered.

How PayWow’s Benefits Management Helps Employers:

  • PayWow allows an employer to manage a variety of benefits, including medical insurance, health savings account, flexible spending account - Medical, 401(k), Roth - 401(k) and Simple IRA for employees.
  • Employers can add and manage comprehensive benefit programs specific to their business for employees with great flexibility.
  • Depending on the employee’s benefit plan, employers can set the appropriate employer & employee contribution.
  • Generated pay stubs will include the employee’s enrolled benefit plan along with employee deduction.

Everything You Need To Run Your Small Business


Make life easy as an employer by using a simplified payroll solution that gives you more time to focus on your business and build your brand. Keep making money while PayWow handles payroll for you.

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Time & Attendance

Your time is valuable and should be used wisely. Never spend hours going through time sheets or vacation requests again. PayWow helps you accurately track and manage employee hours and time-off requests online.

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Eliminate the burden of handling every aspect of your employee’s payroll setup using myPayWow. Employers can invite employees to access the myPayWow to conveniently add and manage basic employee information, view pay stubs, and more.