An Integrated Time & Attendance Software for Small Business

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Keep Your Small Business on Track with Our Time & Attendance Service

Being self-employed requires you to oversee every aspect of your business. As a single-digit employer, you can save time by letting PayWow manage your employees' time and attendance for you with our integrated add-on service!

Add & Assign PTO Policies

Create and manage time-off policies catered to the specific needs of your business and employees. With PayWow, you have the flexibility to make necessary changes and access time-off capabilities instantly.

  • Add and manage multiple time-off policies
  • Offer limited and unlimited time off
  • Assign different time-off policies for your employees
  • Allow employees to carry forward their time off to next year
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Invite Employees to Have Convenient Time Clock Access

Grant your employees access to PayWow’s convenient time clock feature available in the mobile app, and guarantee accurate tracking of their hours worked.

  • Location-based tracking of employee clock-in/out
  • Employees with multiple job roles can toggle between roles by clocking out of one and into another.
  • Work summary (by day, week, month, or pay period)
  • File upload and attachments
  • Employees can choose their preferred login access (PIN, fingerprint, or email)
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Employee Time-Off Requests

PayWow also helps employees request PTO and keep track of their own request(s) through myPayWow.

  • Employees can request PTO and keep track of all the submitted requests.
  • They can also view notes from the employer regarding PTO requests.
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Easily Track Employee Hours

Increase your productivity and accuracy with our virtual time clock. This feature, available in myPayWow will be used to log your employees’ hours worked. The hours then get automatically integrated into our system, simplifying your payroll process.

  • View employee availability
  • Manage employee shifts
  • Approve or deny employee shifts
  • Time clock data is automatically integrated into your payroll
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Manage Time-Off Requests

Stay organized and keep track of all time-off requests with our useful Time-Off Management System.

  • Determine and view PTO policies assigned to your employees
  • Get notifications about PTO requests
  • Review and approve/deny PTO requests
  • Add PTO requests on behalf of employees
  • Use our automatic PTO data integration for payroll
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Integrate Data & Run Payroll

Everything is now set to run your payroll with PayWow! Just make sure that you have approved all your employees’ working hours and time-off requests. PayWow will automatically integrate all data into our payroll and ensure that you are ready to have your payroll processed accurately.

  • Automatic integration of time clock and time off data.
  • You will be able to review data before running your payroll.
  • Run your payroll in few clicks!
  • Payroll calculations for employees with multiple job roles will automatically account for the pay rate difference in those roles.
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Easily Manage Benefits with PayWow

With employers required to provide certain benefits to employees under federal law, PayWow supplies employers with a list of required benefits (i.e. medical insurance, etc.), along with other benefits that can be offered.

How PayWow’s Benefits Management Helps Employers:

  • PayWow allows an employer to manage a variety of benefits, including medical insurance, health savings account, flexible spending account - Medical, 401(k), Roth - 401(k) and Simple IRA for employees.
  • Employers can add and manage comprehensive benefit programs specific to their business for employees with great flexibility.
  • Depending on the employee’s benefit plan, employers can set the appropriate employer & employee contribution.
  • Generated pay stubs will include the employee’s enrolled benefit plan along with employee deduction.

Everything You Need To Run Your Small Business


Make life easy as an employer by using a simplified payroll solution that gives you more time to focus on your business and build your brand. Keep making money while PayWow handles payroll for you.

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Tax Compliance

PayWow will save time and take control of your tax compliance requirements by automatically depositing and filing taxes. We ensure all of your compliance needs are met correctly and on time so you never miss a deadline.

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Eliminate the burden of handling every aspect of your employee’s payroll setup using myPayWow. Employers can invite employees to access the myPayWow to conveniently add and manage basic employee information, view pay stubs, and more.