A Payroll Solution for Trucking

Easily manage driver dispatch settlements and deductions with PayWow.

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A Customized Payroll Solution for Small Businesses

A Quick and Easy Payment Solution for Fleet owners

We understand the difficulties involved with handling payroll and staying compliant. That’s why PayWow designed a payment solution for fleet owners like you. Everything you need in one, easy-to-use system.

Manage Driver and Dispatch Settlements

Do you have contractors, commissioned, or salaried employees? With PayWow, you can pay your drivers and dispatchers. You can handle deductions and reimbursements with a few simple clicks.

Handle Reimbursements & Deductions

PayWow allows you to keep track of all reimbursements for tolls, lodging, meals, and parking fees. Easily handle deductions including truck repairs, fuel charges, advances, escrow payments, or fuel cards.

Load Tracker

Load tracker allows you to keep track of payments made for each load. You can also track payments made to the contractor or dispatchers by the percentage of loads. Get a summary of loads that each of your contractors have taken.

Pay and Provide Pay Stubs

PayWow will process payroll amounts from the bank account you select and verify to pay employee wages. The payments will be made on time, and both you and your employee(s) will be notified instantly.

Track Pay Statements

PayWow realizes no two businesses are alike, and we make it easy for you to run over 50 reports. Just set it up and go! Generate weekly or monthly reports based on your preferred pay schedule per contractor, load, or payment type.

Streamline IRS & State Filings

PayWow guarantees accurate federal and state tax withholdings, deposits, and filings. Federal forms 940, 941, 1099 & W-2s are generated and filed accurately and automatically.

Provide Access to MyPayWow

By providing your employees and contractors access to the myPayWow app, they can fill out or e-sign their I-9s, W-4s, and W-9 forms. All of which will be stored safely and securely via the cloud. This allows you to have remote access anytime or anywhere.

Manage Time and Attendance Remotely

Easily track your employees’ time and attendance through PayWow’s website or mobile-friendly app. PayWow’s state-of-the-art GPS-supported Kiosk App uses geo-fencing to allow your employees to log in or out of a shift from a particular location.

Annual Year-End Filing

When the tax year comes to an end, Federal and State filing requirements come due. Once again, PayWow steps in to generate and file the necessary forms on your behalf on time. Also, provide you the access in tracking the status of each filing!

Track Payments and File Automatically

Track all the payments from employee and contractor pay to tax deposits, right in the application. You just have to run the payroll, and we'll take care of the rest.

Simple, Transparent and Competitively Priced

A Professional Product At The Lowest Rate

Complete Payroll

Payroll for both Employees and Contractors

$4 per employee/contractor

Contractor Payroll

Exclusively for paying Contractors


$2.49 Per Direct Deposit


$1.49 per direct deposit

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