A Custom Payroll Solution for Small Businesses

PayWow ensures your payroll is simple, efficient, and unique to your type of business. With PayWow’s complete payroll solution, you can easily pay both employees and contractors in a matter of minutes.
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A Customized Payroll Solution for Small Businesses
PayWow is <span>Payroll Perfected

PayWow is Payroll Perfected!

As a small business, you likely don’t have a Human Resources or Accounting Department to execute your payroll.

We know your industry, and we understand your payroll requirements. That’s why PayWow is designed to meet the payroll needs of small businesses like yours.

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Put more Focus on growing your business

By using PayWow, you will free up time that you can spend on running your business. Have your employees submit required documents and manage their time and attendance. This will create time for you to submit and run your payroll. Then PayWow will credit money to the employees’ bank accounts, withhold the applicable taxes, and will file taxes on your behalf.

What Is Needed From You This Is What PayWow Does for you
  • Add Employees
  • Run Payroll
  • Free Payroll Set-up
  • Employee Onboarding
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Calculation of Taxes
  • Pay Employees, Provide Pay Stubs
  • Withhold and Pay Taxes
  • Direct Deposit
  • File Quarterly and Annual Federal and State Forms (941, 940, Form W-2 & Form 1099s)

You know your business; We know payroll

We specialize in providing industry-specific solutions. Though each business is unique, we created a custom payroll solution for each industry that adheres to their individual standards.

Simplified Payroll Set Up

PayWow provides a simple set up process unique to your payroll. You can begin running your payroll after giving some basic information to setup.

Add New Employees

Why do everything yourself? PayWow provides employees access to the portal where they can enter their information by themselves. Of course, if you need to, you can also add their information manually. You keep all the control.

Run Payroll in less than 5 minutes

Become a payroll expert overnight when you run your payroll with PayWow! All your tricky calculations are handled automatically, so you don’t have to depend on (or pay!) someone else. From tip adjustments to holiday bonuses, PayWow’s automatic calculations help you easily adjust your payroll.

Pay and Provide Pay Stubs

PayWow will process payroll amounts from the bank account you select and verify to pay employee wages. The payments will be made on time, and both you and your employee(s) will be notified instantly.

New Hire Reporting

Hiring a new employee or contractor? Excellent! For all your newly hired or rehired employees, PayWow will take care of the new hire reports and filing the required documents to the proper State agencies on time.

Federal/State Withholding and FICA Deposits

Payroll is more than pay stubs. A complete payroll service also handles the complexities of calculating required taxes and making accurate, timely payments. With PayWow by your side, you don't have to worry about these mandated tax payments. We take care of it!

Quarterly FUTA/SUTA Tax Deposits

Every employer is required to make certain payments under both the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) and the State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA), on a quarterly basis. PayWow automatically takes care of these requirements for you.

Quarterly Federal/State Filings

Even after all withholdings and payments are squared away, employers have to meet certain quarterly filing requirements as mandated by both Federal and State agencies. With PayWow by your side, you never need to worry about these filings because we file on your behalf! PayWow takes care of it!

Annual Year-End Filing

When the tax year comes to an end, Federal and State filing requirements come due. Once again, PayWow steps in to generate and file the necessary forms on your behalf on time. Also, provide you the access in tracking the status of each filing!

Tax Compliance Simplified

Let PayWow file and deposit your taxes. As a complete payroll solution, PayWow will ensure you are tax compliant, so that you don’t have to.

Give your employees access to their payroll information

Easy Access to myPayWow

Empower your employees with the myPayWow mobile application.

With myPayWow, the included mobile app, employees can:

  • View, download, and print their paystubs
  • Choose their preferred payment method (Check/Direct Deposit).
  • E-sign important tax document(s)
  • Ensure accuracy with location-based clock-in/out.
  • Track and manage contractor hours.
  • Integrate data when you pay contractors.
Easy Access to myPayWow

Simple, Transparent and Competitively Priced

A Professional Product At The Lowest Rate

Complete Payroll

Payroll for both Employees and Contractors

$4 per employee/contractor