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We make it simple to manage your payroll to include tips, wages, and deductions.

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A Customized Payroll Solution for Small Businesses

Payroll Calculations

Run payroll for different categories of employees managing food/beverage services. Integrate tips of each employee for accurate minimum wage adjustment. Manage payroll through reports with updates for the employee, time-period, etc.


Easily manage your employees who have different pay schedules.

Job Roles

Assign multiple pay rates for employees assigned to a category.

Minimum Wage

Make minimum wage adjustments for each of your employees that are paid below the minimum wage amount.


Calculate withholdings based on the current state and federal rates as well as your employees’ allowances.

Web/Mobile App

Employees can use the web or the mobile app to document the cash tips they earned for each of their job roles.

Cash Tips

Your employees can report the tips they earned for each day.

Charge Tips Deposits

For all the tips that are paid by check or credit card, the employer can choose to add these tips to the employee’s regular paycheck, or they can choose to pay the tips through a separate check.

Tip Reports

Tip reports can be generated for an employee or for a pay period.

Annual Year-End Filing

When the tax year comes to an end, Federal and State filing requirements come due. Once again, PayWow steps in to generate and file the necessary forms on your behalf on time. Also, provide you the access in tracking the status of each filing!

Tips Management

Each employee can report their cash tips directly, you will have an easier time processing and running an accurate payroll. Tips can be easily recorded by both the employer and the employee, and they can be seamlessly integrated into your payroll.

Determine the correct minimum wage for an employee during a pay period.

Time Clock

Utilize the time-clock feature which is accessible through both the web and the mobile app. You can also manage your employees’ time off and publish time-off policies. If you choose to delegate this task, you can assign a Time and Attendance Administrator. This person will have specific accessibility to manage and oversee time and attendance.


Apply this to any employee regardless of category or pay schedule.

Track Employees

Each employee can manage time-clock and multiple job roles. So that everything can be tracked in one place.

Run Payroll in less than 5 minutes

Easily manage minimum wage adjustments for each employee.

Pay and Provide Pay Stubs

Calculate withholdings according to up-to-date state and federal rates as well as your employees’ allowances.

Simple, Transparent and Competitively Priced

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Complete Payroll

Payroll for both Employees and Contractors

$4 per employee/contractor

Contractor Payroll

Exclusively for paying Contractors


$2.49 Per Direct Deposit


$1.49 per direct deposit

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