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Pay Independent Contractors Online

Pay Contractors Easily with PayWow. It is more
than just a Payment Solution!

PayWow is a specialized payroll solution that caters to businesses that use contractors. PayWow is simple to use and frustration-free. Our payment solution helps business owners manage contractors by streamlining payments.

Onboard unlimited contractors

Onboard unlimited contractors

Pay by direct deposit or check

Pay by direct deposit or check

Track jobs and payments

Track jobs and payments

Manage & File 1099 automatically

Manage & File 1099 automatically

Easy Onboarding

With PayWow, you can onboard your contractor in two different ways: add their information yourself, or you can invite them to do it through the myPayWow application.

Pay Contractors by direct deposit or check

Set it up, then quickly make direct deposit payments to your contractors. Or, if you wish, you can also pay by check. Either way, PayWow makes it easy!

Track your contractors’ work time

Need to know where your contractors are and what they’re doing? We can tell you. PayWow’s cutting edge technology keeps you on top of every aspect of your business. Allow contractors to work independently, but keep tabs so that you get the result you want and when you want it.

Easy to read reports

With PayWow, all your stats are recorded and can be produced as comprehensive, easy-to-read reports. Recorded work hours, payroll details, weekly/monthly summaries - you tell PayWow how you want the information, and PayWow delivers. You’re in charge!

Prompt and accurate 1099 filings

Ensure prompt and accurate filings of 1099 for every contractor. Keep track of all your 1099 filings. Plus, you can allow your contractors to access their 1099 copies.

Track your Contractors and File 1099

Track all the payments from employee and contractor pay to tax deposits, right in the application. You just have to run the payroll, and we'll take care of the rest.

Increase productivity with myPayWow!

Increase productivity with myPayWow!

Allowing them to complete this on their own saves you time and increases accuracy. Once this step is complete, you can review and confirm the information.

  • Enter accurate contact, banking, and 1099 information.
  • Choose their preferred payment method (Check/Direct Deposit).
  • E-sign important tax document(s).
  • Ensure accuracy with location-based clock-in/out.
  • Track and manage contractor hours.
  • Integrate data when you pay contractors.

Simple, Transparent and Competitively Priced

A Professional Product At The Lowest Rate

Contractor Payroll

Exclusively for paying Contractors


$2.49 Per Direct Deposit


$1.49 per direct deposit