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As a small business, you may not have an HR or accounting department to handle your payroll. PayWow is designed to meet the payroll needs of single-digit employers. Our automatic calculations make running payroll quick and easy. We do the math so you can get back to work.

Initial Payroll Setup

Simplified Payroll Set Up

PayWow provides a simple set up process unique to your payroll. You can begin running your payroll after setting up some basic information.

  • Provide basic company details.
  • Select your pay schedule & payday.
  • Add federal/state Information.
  • Add bank account.
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Add New Employees

Why do everything yourself? PayWow provides employees access to a portal where they can enter their information. Of course, if you need to, you can also add their information manually. You keep all the control.

  • Add employee pay info.
  • Assign one or multiple job roles to an employee.
  • Indicate whether the employee receives tips.
  • Invite employees to fill out their details.
  • Send requests for employees to e-sign their employment and tax documents.
  • Notify PayWow about your new hire. (We take care of the New Hire Report for you!)
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Add Employees
Run Payroll

Calculate and Run Payroll

Become a payroll expert overnight when you run your payroll with PayWow! All your tricky calculations are handled automatically, so you don’t have to depend on (or pay!) someone else. From tip adjustments to holiday bonuses, PayWow’s automatic calculations help you easily adjust your payroll.

  • Get notifications when the deadline to run payroll approaches.
  • Manage additional earnings and deductions.
  • Calculate for a range of factors and circumstances.
  • Run multiple types of payroll (regular, contractor, bonus, etc.)
  • Be ready to run payroll in just a few clicks!
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Pay and Provide Pay Stubs

PayWow will process payroll amounts from the bank account you select and verify to pay employee wages. The payments will be made on time, and both you and your employee(s) will be notified instantly.

  • Wages will be paid on time to your employees’ bank accounts.
  • Employees will have access to their pay stub through myPayWow.
  • All payments are processed through secure ACH Processing.
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Pay Employees & Provide Paystub

Simplified Tax Compliance For Your Small Business

With PayWow, let tax deposits & tax filings be the least of your worries. In fact, tax compliance is no worry at all!. As an all-in-one solution, PayWow manages all the complexities of staying tax compliant so you don’t have to fret.

New Hire Reporting

New Hire Reporting

Hiring a new employee or contractor? Excellent! For all your newly hired or rehired employees, PayWow will take care of the new hire reports, filing the required documents to the proper state agencies on time.

  • PayWow processes and files new hire reports.
  • View and keep track of your new hire report once filed.
  • Receive notifications on the status of your report.
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Federal/State Withholding & FICA Deposits

Payroll is more than pay stubs. A complete payroll service also handles the complexities of calculating required taxes and making accurate, timely payments. With PayWow by your side, you don't have to worry about these mandated tax payments. We take care of it!

  • Automatic tax calculations and withholdings.
  • On-time Federal & State tax payments.
  • On-time FICA tax deposits (Social Security Tax & Medicare Tax).
  • Payments made through Secured ACH Processing.
  • Receive Instant notification of tax payments.
  • Generate reports of various tax payments.
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Federal/State Withholding & FICA Deposits
Quarterly FUTA/SUTA Tax Deposits

Quarterly FUTA/SUTA Tax Deposits

Every employer is required to make certain payments under both the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) and the State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA), on a quarterly basis. PayWow automatically takes care of these requirements for you.

  • Automatic FUTA & SUTA tax calculations.
  • On-time FUTA & SUTA tax deposits at no extra cost.
  • Get notified when tax deposits are completed.
  • Generate reports for all FUTA & SUTA tax deposits.
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Quarterly Federal/State Filings

Even after all withholdings and payments are squared away, employers have to meet certain quarterly filing requirements as mandated by both federal and state agencies. With PayWow by your side, you never need to worry about these filings because we file on your behalf! PayWow takes care of it! (Noticing a theme?)

  • Federal Form 941 automatically generated and filed each quarter.
  • On-time filing for required quarterly state forms.
  • Track the status of every form filed.
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Quarterly Federal/State Filings
Annual Year End Filing

Annual Year-End Filing

When the tax year comes to an end, federal and state filing requirements come due. Once again, PayWow steps in to generate and file the necessary forms on your behalf. On time, every time!

Automatically generated and filed:

  • FUTA Tax Form 940
  • W-2 & 1099 Forms
  • State Reconciliation Forms


  • 24/7 access and status tracking for all forms.
  • Employees can access W-2 & 1099 Forms through myPayWow.
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Stay on Track with Our Time & Attendance Service

Being a business owner means you oversee every aspect of your business. Luckily, with PayWow, you can save yourself the headache by letting PayWow manage your employees' time and attendance for you!

Add & Manage PTO Policies

Create time-off policies catered to the specific needs of your business and employees. With PayWow, you have the flexibility to make necessary changes and access time-off capabilities instantly.

  • Add and manage multiple time-off policies.
  • Offer limited or unlimited time off.
  • Select a specific time-off policy for an individual employee.
  • Allow employees to carry accrued time off over to the next year.
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Add & Assign PTO Policies
Manage Time Off Requests

Manage Time-Off Requests

Stay organized and keep track of all time-off requests with our useful Time-Off Management System.

  • Receive notification of PTO requests.
  • Review and approve/deny PTO requests.
  • Add PTO requests on behalf of employees.
  • Use our automatic PTO data integration for payroll.
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Easily Track Employee Hours

PayWow understands that you need absolute control over your business. You need to set and manage who shows up, when, and for how long. PayWow gives you the control panel to manage employee schedules.

  • View employee availability.
  • Manage employee shifts.
  • Approve or deny employee shifts.
  • Access work summaries by day, week, payroll etc.
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Easily Track Employee Hours Worked
Integrate Data & Run Payroll

Integrate Data & Run Payroll

After you have approved your employees’ work hours and time-off requests, PayWow will automatically integrate all data and ensure that you are ready to have your payroll processed accurately.

  • Automatic integration of time clock and time-off data.
  • Automatic payroll calculations for multiple job roles.
  • Review data before running your payroll.
  • Run your payroll in just few clicks!
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Let Your Employees be Helping Hands

PayWow gives you a way to let your employees help you set up your payroll! myPayWow, the app designed exclusively for employees, allows your staff to enter for themselves all the information you need from them to run payroll. Once that’s done, they can also clock in or out, manage their time off requests, view pay stubs and more!

Invite your employees to myPaywow

Setting up myPayWow for your employees only takes a few steps:

  • Follow prompts within PayWow to invite your employees via email.
  • Your employee will receive your invitation via PayWow.
  • Once they accept the invite, access will be granted, and they can take it from there!
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Setting up Employee Portal for your Employees
Adding Basic Information

Employee Information, Accurate and Quick

Once your employees log in to myPayWow, they can begin setting up their profiles by adding some basic information. Allowing them to fill this out themselves saves you tons of time, and increases accuracy. Once they add their information, you can review and confirm.

Allow employees to:

  • Select their (federal/state) withholding allowance.
  • Choose their preferred payment method (Check/Direct Deposit).
  • E-sign their I-9, W-4 & Direct Deposit Authorization Forms.
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Offer Easy Access to Payroll Information

Once you confirm their information, your employees will have the ability to manage their details and stay up-to-date. When your employees have myPayWow, they don’t have to keep coming to you!

With myPayWow, your employees can:

  • Securely log in to myPayWow as they choose (email, PIN, fingerprint).
  • View, download & print pay stubs online at any time.
  • View tax & benefits deductions.
  • Update their bank account information if required.
  • View and save important tax forms: W-2, 1099, W-4, and I-9.
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Easy Access to Payroll Information
Cloud-Based Time & Attendance Information

Cloud-Based Time & Attendance Information

Increase productivity and accuracy with myPayWow! When employees conveniently clock in and out using myPayWow’s virtual time clock, PayWow will log their hours worked and automatically integrate the information, simplifying your payroll process. But that’s not all!

  • Ensure accuracy with location-based clock-in/out.
  • Let employees log hours for multiple job roles.
  • View employees’ logged hours summaries at any time.
  • Let employees request PTO and track request status.
  • Make notes to employees regarding PTO requests.
  • Access and sync to your company’s calendar.
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